52 Books in 52 Weeks 2012

52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

Book 1: Lunewulf Law - Lorie O'Clare

Book 2: Date Night - Emma Holly

Book 3: Bewitched - H.P. Mallory

Book 4: Unicorn Bait - S.A. Hunter

Book 5: Darkness Dawns - Dianne Duvall

Book 6: Night Reigns - Dianne Duvall

Book 7: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - H.P. Mallory / Week 4

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sock It To Me One More Time!

Hey People, I am have started another pair of socks! You remember that Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn I got, right? Well, I've just cast on for a new pair of socks with it. Nothing fancy, I like the ankle socks. I might find something a bit more challenging to do now that I've got the basic sock down, I think! So far I love the look and feel of the LL yarn.

I just got the Sweet Mary Jane Pattern from Erin yesterday! I am so excited. I have to pick up the sz 7 DPNs to get started. But I have some pretty acrylic yarn that I'm gonna use while I'm waiting for my order from KnitPicks. I got some lovely Andean Silk in Sangria and Lettuce. I'm going to make a "twin" set of mary janes a la Jen. See the lovely pair she made!!!

I also picked up some Palette Yarn in red for my nephew Wyatt's socks. Well, that's all for now folks! Have a great Saturday!

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