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52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

Book 1: Lunewulf Law - Lorie O'Clare

Book 2: Date Night - Emma Holly

Book 3: Bewitched - H.P. Mallory

Book 4: Unicorn Bait - S.A. Hunter

Book 5: Darkness Dawns - Dianne Duvall

Book 6: Night Reigns - Dianne Duvall

Book 7: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - H.P. Mallory / Week 4

Monday, June 26, 2006

4 Wheelin!

Hey All! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Mine sucked! We're not gonna get into that! But, it ended alright! We (me, my hubby, and our kids) went out to my Uncle Danny's house for my cousin Shannon's (Dakota's mom) son's (Dolton) birthday party. Did ya get all that!?! Anyway, Uncle Danny has a NICE piece of land with a pool and plenty of room to run around. The kids had an absolute blast playing with all the other kids, swimming, and all the other birthday party kinda fun.

Plus, Shannon and her husband Matt have gotten their boys into riding ATVs. So a lot of their friends brought their ATVs and Uncle Danny had one as well. So Dave got to ride around on Matt's. He gave the kids rides and then it was my turn. OMG! Considering this was my first time on one of those things you would think that Dave would go gentle on me. YEAH RIGHT! Have gave me a ride on a small track near the house. Later he took me out on the wooded trails! Oi! It was so scarey and fun at the same time. And yes, I hurt today! I also managed to burn myself on the hot muffler on Matt's ATV. Later we took our Misty and Arliss' (my other cousin and her soon to be husband) ATV. That thing was even fast than Matt's! While I'm screaming and hanging on for dear life Dave is about as happy as a pig in mud! I love that goofy smile he gets when he's doing something he loves. Oh, and he PROMISED me he would pop any wheelies while riding me around......HE LIED!!!!

Thank you, that is all!

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