52 Books in 52 Weeks 2012

52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

Book 1: Lunewulf Law - Lorie O'Clare

Book 2: Date Night - Emma Holly

Book 3: Bewitched - H.P. Mallory

Book 4: Unicorn Bait - S.A. Hunter

Book 5: Darkness Dawns - Dianne Duvall

Book 6: Night Reigns - Dianne Duvall

Book 7: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - H.P. Mallory / Week 4

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sock It To Me!

Hey there people! So much going on, so little time! Nah, not really but it sounds good! Actually I am a little busy with my knitting and reading. Sometimes it's hard to choose! Wish I could knit and read! Work on my Harry Potter scarf has slowed down a little because I was working on learning how to use my DPNs, see "I rock....a Tale of DPNs". I have now mastered them or at least I can use them pretty well after about a week! I've started work on my very first sock. That's right, I am making a sock! I don't understand why people say things like "I'm afraid to use DPNs" or "I'm afraid to try making socks". What will happen, they don't do it right, they have to frog it? Big whoop. Practice makes perfect people! And believe me, I had to cast on this sock 3 times before I got it going. Ribbing isn't my strong suit just yet! But hey, I can now cast onto DPNs no problem. So lighten up people, needles don't bite, poke yes but that's another topic!

Lesa and I had a great day out this past Saturday! I went to her house to give her a massage and after she helped me start my sock. Then we picked up and headed out to South Bend to do some browsing and drooling of that new book "Big Girl Knits". We had a blast. I have fallen in LOVE with almost all the patterns in that book. I told Lesa it would be so great if there were a group where people could post pics of there finished projects, talk about substituting yarns, ect. Lesa has created that group and she and I are opperating it together! Yay Lesa! You can join by clicking the button on the side of this page somewhere.

I am gonna order my copy of the book this weekend and will then have to decide what yarn I would like to use to make a combo of the 2 long sweater coats in the book. I don't know both names, one of them is called the Natalie Coat. It's wonderful! In the book it is made with Tahki Donegal Tweed Homespun, from what I've found that would be roughly $131 to make using that yarn! So I have been looking around for something to substitute with. So far I have found 2 nice yarns on
KnitPicks. My first choice is Andean
, it's a wonderful blend of super fine alpaca, silk, and merino wool. It's $3.29 a ball. It would bring my yarn costs to a total of roughly $78. Then there is Wool of the Andes, it's 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. It costs $1.79 a ball and would bring my total yarn costs to roughly $42!!!! So I don't know what I'm gonna use yet. God knows I love alpaca! Okay, that's it for now folks! Happy knitting!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Rock....a tale of DPN's

Why do I rock you ask? Well, I'll tell you! As you know I've been working on my HP scarf on a pair of circular needles. I'm having fun making that but I can't wait to start on some socks. How hard can dpn's be? Um yeah, kinda hard when you have NO CLUE how to go about using them! They do hold my hair up in a bun nicely though! Anyway, I have some acrylic sock yarn that Lesa gave me just calling to me so I thought I'd have another go at it yesterday. I popped over to Knitting Help and watched a short clip on using dpn's. Next thing I know I'm doing it baby! I didn't actually care for all of the advice on the KH clip but it was very helpful anyway! So! Bring it on socks! I'm itchin to try to make a pair now!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Potter Puffs!

For all my fellow Harry Potter fans, these are awesome!

PotterPuffs are love

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Found the Link!

Here is a variation on the pattern I was talking about earlier. It was pointed out to me on one of my Yahoo! Groups. I honestly think the pattern I posted is much easier, especially for the beginner and novice knitter.

Happy Knitting!

Diagonal Baby Blanket

Harry Potter Scarf.....a picture!!!

Here's a pic of my HPS that my FIL Ray took today! Looks good don't it! ;)

Versatile Knitting Pattern

My sister, Liz, came for a visit this weekend! She brought her newborn baby Alaina up and I am in love! While we were out and about I had Liz pick out some yarn to make a baby blanket for Alaina. It's just gonna be a simple blanket, I haven't found the right yarn to make the dragonfly blanket yet....I am very picky! Anyway, Liz picked out Homespun in Lavender Sachet. I am using a pattern Lesa showed me ages ago. I use it to make washcloths (adult and baby sizes), shawls, and now baby blankets!

Cast on 3 stitches
K 2, YO, K across
Repeat until you have the desired size of your project
K 2, K2TOG, K across
Repeat until you have 3 remaining stitches
Bind off, weave in the ends.

This pattern creates a little border all around the blanket, washcloth, or shawl. It does seem really VERY loose when you first start to work the pattern. Keep at it and you'll see the border appearing after the first handful of worked rows. It's really great for beginners because you don't have to check your guage, you can use pretty much whatever YOU like, and you only need to do a simple increase and decrease!

Baby Blanket: I suggest using bamboo circular needles (24" or 29") when making the baby blanket with homespun. If you want to cast on to straight needles and transfer on the the circulars when it starts to get big that's fine too! I am using sz 13 needles, I wouldn't go any smaller than sz 10 but it's really up to you!

Washcloths: I use sz 7 or 8 (possibly a little smaller) needles. Keep in mind that when the cotton gets wet it tends to stretch apart a bit. For baby sized washclothes I use any cotton yarn that catches my eye. I work the pattern until the cloth is 25 stitches wide and then start to decrease. For adult cloths I work it until it's 40 stitches wide or so.

Shawl: I work the shawl until it's my desired width across and then bind off. Use whatever size needles you prefer as well as yarn. What did I use.....Homespun! LOL

Things are going well with the HP scarf. I've been working on it since last Friday (the 7th) and am almost done. It's for my son Davey, he put dibbs on it! So since he's such a small fry it's not nearly as long as it would be for an adult. It actually goes pretty fast for me. I like switching colors, keeps it fresh. My Mom, who came up with Liz (she is visiting from Miami) told me she's gonna make some HP robes for the kids. So they'll be set! Now, just need to get them some wands.....I keep telling them my bamboo needles are not wands.....do they care? NO! LOL

Happy Knitting Folks!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Orange Kool-Aid, a Cigarette, and Knitting

I know, what an odd combination! And what the heck does that have to do with anything??? Well, I am an occasional smoker. On again off again, not very heavy duty when I do smoke....anyway, this weather always reminds me how I used to sit outside with a cold glass of orange kool-aid and smoke a cigarette! What does this have to do with knitting? Yeah, um.....nothing.

So, moving on! My sister is coming up from Bloomington with my Mom (my Mom is visiting from Miami) and I can't wait! My sister has the most adorable little girl in the world. Little Alaina is only about 1 month old. I can't wait to hold her, smell her, and kiss her little face! What's really cool is that my sister is a big Harry Potter fan, like myself! So I know I'm gonna have fun knitting all sorts of baby sized stuff for Alaina! I'm thinking next year she'll need a Weasley Initial Sweater and a House Scarf! LOL And when Lesa starts helping me work on socks...definately some wee one socks for Alaina! Oh yeah, and for my kids too! LOL

Sadly, both of my kids have totally lost that Wee One smell! All mothers KNOW what I'm talking about! Leslie, Miss Thing, is 5. Even though she's lost that lovely smell little kids have she loves to cuddle! Which is great! Davey, 3 1/2, only recently lost his sweet smell. He's not so much a cuddler as Leslie but he's a Mama's Boy, he just can't get enough of me, which is great....most of the time! LOL It's just crazy when I think about how small they used to be and now....they are huge!

I've found that knitting for girls is much easier....meaning that there seems to be more to make for Leslie than Davey. At least in my Novice status. Leslie loves to wear skirts but as we found out this past winter (she wouldn't believe ME) it gets quite cold when you wear a skirt in January! So....I'm gonna make her some cute little leg warmers so she can wear her skirts to school in the fall! Too Cute! Well that's about it for today's random rambling and knitbits! Back to working on my HP scarf!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In The Round, An Update

It's a beautiful day out today. Makes me wanna find a nice quiet place outside somewhere and knit. Can't do it though! The kids like a "hands on" Mom at the park! I'll just have to settle with being happy that I can open up the windows and get some lovely fresh air going through here!

So here's a knitting update.....After 3 days, I have almost 5 stripes done on my Harry Potter SS scarf. It's very fun knitting in the round. I have 6 blocks done for Dave's blanket. However, I'm not happy with 4 of them! and it goes rather slow but I WILL get it done! I haven't started on the dragonfly baby blanket yet. I haven't found the right yarn yet. I recast my Big Waves wool/cashmere yarn last night. I had started making a scarf but it was too wide so I made it a little smaller and am liking the new size very much.....but will I get to wear it? Soon it will be too nice to wear a warm and lovely wool scarf. Or we'll have snow next week, who knows!

Lesa has made me some LOVELY knitting accessories.....a large needle roll, a small needle roll (for my dpn's), and a tote bag! I can't wait to get my mitts on them! It will be so much fun filling them up! I'm also going to buy some stuff from Jen. She has some super cute stuff on her site! Okay that's about it for this morning. I'm waiting for Dave to bring me the new Knit Simple from Barnes & Noble and then later it's off to work! Happy Knitting!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Smell of Yarn

Well, I had a fun day with Lesa yesterday. She picked me up and we went to Sheeps to get some stuff! I walked out of there with some yummy yarn, Big Wave Queensland Collection (90% wool, 10% cashmere) and a set of circs to start my Harry Potter SS scarf. Now for some reason, I have no idea why, I had to smell every skein of yarn I picked up. Of course, touch it, rub it on my cheek.....but smell it??? I kept catching myself smelling everything! Does anyone else do that? I know I'm strange but does this take the cake?

We hit another local store, Hancock Fabrics, for their closing sale. All the yarn and knitting stuff is 30% off now. Not too much left though. Then we headed out to Michigan City and after lunch we went to Hobby Lobby. I got some more needles and implements to support my knitting addiction. FUN FUN FUN! Lesa and I picked out some fabric at JoAnn's to make me a needle roll with. Soon I'll be set with everything I need! Alright!

So I have offically started the HP scarf and I'm making a scarf out of that yummy wool. I can't wait to get it done so I can smell, I mean wear it! Happy knitting folks!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's a SLOW Morning!

So, I'm IMing with Lesa, and pretty much that's it this morning. Leslie and Davey are playing and watching cartoons, there has been minimal screaming and fighting! Don't I paint a lovely picture! LOL They are such dolls, really!

So now on to more random things......here's everything you probably ever want or don't want to know about me! LOL Enjoy!

1. I was born 7 weeks premature and weighed in at 4lbs 4oz. I was 13" long.

2. I have lived in NW Indiana my entire life. Most of it in Porter County.

3. I have 2 older sisters, Carmen and Liz.

4. My favorite movie of all time is Splash and my favorite cartoon character is The Little Mermaid, see a theme here?

5. I LOVE horses, I used to have 2. Classic aka Booger (Quarter Horse) and Jazz (1/2 Quarter Horse 1/2 Arabian). I miss them and I miss horseback riding!

6. I secretly wish I had magical powers, shhh don't tell anyone!

7. I love the hot ham sandwiches they served in school!

8. I like to dip french fries in butterscotch pudding OR a vanilla milkshake!

9. I tried to commit suicide once, I'm glad it didn't work. I ended up with some nasty stitches though. I have a scar in the middle of my upper lip and the underlying gum.

10. I took Spanish in high school, all I can remember is how to cuss and some small talk!

11. I was a Vikette, a flag girl at half time. I loved wearing our cheerleading uniforms to school!

12. I had to ask Dave (my husband) out because I got sick of waiting for him to ask me! It was an out-of-body experience for sure. I still get a goofy smile on my face when I think about My Guy!

13. Dave and I have been together for almost 10 1/2 years!

14. We been tested and we're still going strong! I love Dave very much!

15. He calls me Baby Waby, I love it! LOL

16. Our first apartment was a loft in Chesterton. I look back on our time there with warm and fuzzy memories!

17. I was 6 weeks pregnant when we were married. I found out exactly 1 week before the wedding!

18. We have some tape of me while I was in labor with Leslie, it's hilarious! Stateall is FUN! LOL

19. I named Leslie after my Graddy (Grandfather), Leslie Allen. He was my best friend! I miss him a lot.

20. I got pregnant with Davey about 9 months later, he was a SURPRISE! I found out the day AFTER I quit my job at McGill.

21. Davey was born on my birthday. He was 10lbs 14oz!

22. I didn't realize being a Mom was gonna be so hard at times.

23. I love my kids more than anything on this planet.

24. I am deathly afraid of bugs, ALL bugs.....butterflies, ladybugs, lightning bugs, all bugs!

25. I am also afraid to drive in snowy conditions. I'm pretty much no good in the winter!

26. I am pagan

27. I am newly addicted to knitting!

28. I love to sing, especially when I am in the car alone!

29. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times of the year. I love to sing carols with the kids and drive around and look at the lights every year.

30. I would like to go back to school to be an esthetician.

31. It's freaks me out somewhat that Leslie starts school this year!

32. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take baths, it's a passion of mine. I take one almost every night.

33. I think Harry Potter rules.

34. I want to take a trip to Ireland, and to Greece and Crete.

35. My adore Greek mythology.

36. My all time favorite books are about Theseus; King of Athens. They are both by Mary Renault. Sort of a part 1 and part 2. They are "The King Must Die" and "The Bull from the Sea" I have read them both over 25 times each. I'm getting ready to read them again soon!

37. I can't think of anything else to list........

38. I like writing lists.

39. I like everything to be in pairs or even numbers. My favorite number is 2.

40. I am extremely odd when eating Skittles....first I have to eat all the orange skittles 2 at a time alternating the sides of my mouth until I am forced to eat an odd number. Then I eat the yellow and green skittles, one of each, alternating the sides of my mouth. Finally the red and purple in the same fashion as the yellow and green. I will NOT eat things in an odd number unless I have no choice! Yes, I am very aware how odd that is!

Okay, well I hope you enjoyed that! I've wasted enough time now! On to cleaning the living room now! Or maybe knitting, knitting will be more fun! Ta!

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Projects

I'm just about ready to move on to a couple of more projects now.....Leslie still loves her poncho (still no pic!) and I'm using up the rest of that yarn making a scarf for Davey. So what's next you ask.....well I'll tell you! I'm going to make a Harry Potter SS scarf. I've never made anything in the round so it will be nice to add something new to my bag of tricks. Also, I'm going to be making a dragonfly washcloth. It's gonna be a practice run for a block baby blanket for my sister. She decorated her newborn daughter's room in purple and green with dragonflies. Here's what I'll be trying to make....wish me luck! LOL