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52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pictures Galore

Hey Gang! I got my pics done!!! I am so proud. I actually tried to post this yesterday but Blogger was giving me trouble! GRRRR Anyway, I had a lot of help from Little Davey. He loves cameras. Unfortunately he was in a sour mood for most of this afternoon. I told him he could help me, his mood brightened up!......

Leslie also got into the camera action. She tells me she is gonna be an actress/singer/model! I don't doubt it!

In fact, I think both the kids are looking for a career in modeling!

So here are some pics of my sock! It's a little long for me but I'm very proud of it!

And here's a shot of all my new stuff.....
My new knitting tote from Kmart
My new PINK wannabe crocs
My handpainted alpaca/wool yarn that's gonna be the Mimosa wrap from BGK Which by the way, I came home to find a package from Overstock.com on the porch. My Big Girl Knits has arrived! I gotta say, I'm having a great week!
And yet again, my sock!


erin/pinkerbell said...

I LOVE my fake crocs. those kids are so cute.

MollyKnits said...

aww, the kids look soo great! boy, loufer is a little diva.

SalemRose said...

Oh thanks guys! Cute but deadly those 2 are! And yes, when I say Leslie is a diva, I mean it!

jen said...

oooh did you find them at payless like erin. man i need to check out the fake croc goodness in this town

the sock looks awesome.

your stuff still sits on top of my teevee. poor stuff...it needs it's home.

Pennie said...

cute socks . . . enjoyed reading your blog too