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Monday, May 29, 2006

Hectic Here I Come...

Hey everyone, I thought I'd put up a little post today. I don't know that I'll be able to post anything this week. And I'd hate to leave you all hanging! Okay, I'm sure you don't HANG on every word I write! God, who reads this thing besides my Stitch N Bitch homies? Anyway, it's gonna be a hectic week, at the very least a hectic couple of days.

Let me just say, before I forget....um, IT'S FRIGGING HOT. Okay. So my sister is coming up from Bloomington tomorrow (it's her birthday, Happy Birthday Liz!!!) with my mom (she flew up from Miami). They are gonna stay the night in a hotel so that they can attend Dakota's viewing tomorrow and his funeral Wednesday morning. I am super excited to see them. They just came up for a visit about a month ago, I'm NOT super excited as to WHY they have come home. But having them here will help my kids get through all this.

Leslie, 5, doesn't understand why someone so young would die. When talking about what happened to Dakota with my sister Carmen the other day, Leslie kept asking when he would come back to life. That's a tough one to explain. But, I did the best I could. It's a hard thing for her to wrap her mind around. Little Davey, 3, almost 4, has not asked many questions. He just knows that Dakota was young, too young. Not like Great GrandMa. Only older people die, right?

So, while we have to take the kids with us to the viewing (no babysitter) we won't let them stay too long. At least Dakota's younger brother Dalton will have a couple of playmates.....maybe they can keep each other feeling good. But kids always know what's going on, more than we give them credit for. I think.

Alright, I have thoroughly depressed myself. I'm hoping I don't break an ankle in the new heels I got to go along with my new outfit. God I hate heels.

Did I mention, since I can only think of Matt and Shannon tonight, that this has been an incredibly hard past couple of years for them. Shannon has another little boy, Duke. He's about 7 months old now. I think she was about 2 months into her pregnancy when they found out that Matt had cancer. He had to go through chemo. He is doing fine now. Or as fine as I'm sure you can be when you have to bury your little boy.

And about 6 years ago Shannon's only and younger brother Jimmy was lost from us due to an overdose on heroine. When he overdosed his girlfriend and best friend dumped him in his truck, windows up, doors locked, not even a block from the emergency room!!! He wasn't found until the next morning. I don't even know how hot the inside of his truck got, it was a very hot summer night. He might have been saved from the overdose but the brain damage was too much. After 2 weeks on life support we had to let him go. I was there when he took his last breath. Shannon had to leave, she had to go to Dakota.

It really just kills me that one family has to go through so much. Dakota was the oldest boy in that generation of our family to die. Just as Jimmy was the oldest of my generation. And my Uncle Jimmy was the oldest of my mom's generation. That's just crazy. You always here this kind of stuff on Oprah or some such TV show. Okay, so I'm balling my eyes out now. But thanks for letting me vent. I'm going to bed.


erin/pinkerbell said...

I'm sorry I haven't said anything sooner. (I'm really bad about this) but I am truly sorry for what you and yours must be going through. It makes you wonder just how much one family can endure. YOu overcome a terrible obstacle and think, ok we have that behind us now, how much worse could it get, and then it just gets worse. I'm so sorry.

MollyKnits said...

I'll be thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.