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52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Weekend Picnic

Hey everyone. It is HOT! I mean it's 8:11 pm and the temp is 84* HOT people! Dave's dad took some pics of us out in this heat and let me tell you....I am a sexy bitch in these pictures! Um, that's called sarcasm. Anyway, even though I HATE having pictures taken of me, I'll share.

Here we have most all the Lambert clan.....Adam (BIL), Jen (SIL), Austin & Tristin (nephews), Dave (hubby @ the grill), Me (the sexy bitch in the red tee), Leslie (my daughter right behind me), Davey (my son at the front of the picture), and Val (MIL, she's gonna LOVE that I put her on my blog!). You can't see Nicky, my niece, she's directly behind me. And of course, as I said, Ray (FIL) took the picture.

Here we have me talking with Dave. And you can see Nikki, she's a teenage dive! ;) And there is little Leslie again. Notice leslie is smiling at the camera. She is quite the little model!

Here again is me and Dave, notice his lovely tattoos. That arm isn't finished yet. I love his tattoos. We're feeling the need to get some more done. I have 2 already and Dave has another on his other arm. Anyway, you can also see Nikki and Leslie again. It seems Nikki and I are both REALLY enjoying Ray taking our picture ins the incredable heat! Notice we're making the same face! LOL

In spite of the heat I did get a little work on my sock done. But it wasn't much. Knitting and extreme heat don't mix well! Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend! Happy knitting. Thank you, that is all!

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MollyKnits said...

Looks like you had fun! :)