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52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

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Book 7: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - H.P. Mallory / Week 4

Monday, May 22, 2006

1 Down, 1 To Go

Hey everyone! I just finished up the first of my ankle socks. It looks good! I'll post a picture as soon as I can. Maybe I'll wait so you all can see the pair. Anyway, I did forget to reinforce the toe with the same thread that I used on the heel but oh well! Not a biggie.

Last night was the LAST episode of Charmed. It was WONDERFUL! God I love that show! I can't believe it's over! Now I'll need to get all the seasons on DVD. Dave will love that! Of course, when does he EVER like the same TV/Movies that I like. More NOT than often! LOL

He did enjoy Nanny McPhee when we saw it at the theater with Leslie and Davey. He even sat and watched the DVD when I bought it the other day. It's a great story. It's adapted from a book, I believe. Note to self: Read that book. Of course, I love Emma Thompson. I just watched Sense & Sensibility last night. If you will remember, I am also on a Jane Austen kick.

So that's about it here folks. Not a whole lot going on. Time to go start the 2nd ankle sock. Happ Knitting. Thank you, that is all.

By the way, if you don't know why I always say "Thank you, that is all." It's because Dwight from The Office always says that. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. It's hilarious! Okay, now, THAT is all. ;)

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MollyKnits said...

congrats on the pink sock. I have been re-reading Emma to share with you!