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52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Versatile Knitting Pattern

My sister, Liz, came for a visit this weekend! She brought her newborn baby Alaina up and I am in love! While we were out and about I had Liz pick out some yarn to make a baby blanket for Alaina. It's just gonna be a simple blanket, I haven't found the right yarn to make the dragonfly blanket yet....I am very picky! Anyway, Liz picked out Homespun in Lavender Sachet. I am using a pattern Lesa showed me ages ago. I use it to make washcloths (adult and baby sizes), shawls, and now baby blankets!

Cast on 3 stitches
K 2, YO, K across
Repeat until you have the desired size of your project
K 2, K2TOG, K across
Repeat until you have 3 remaining stitches
Bind off, weave in the ends.

This pattern creates a little border all around the blanket, washcloth, or shawl. It does seem really VERY loose when you first start to work the pattern. Keep at it and you'll see the border appearing after the first handful of worked rows. It's really great for beginners because you don't have to check your guage, you can use pretty much whatever YOU like, and you only need to do a simple increase and decrease!

Baby Blanket: I suggest using bamboo circular needles (24" or 29") when making the baby blanket with homespun. If you want to cast on to straight needles and transfer on the the circulars when it starts to get big that's fine too! I am using sz 13 needles, I wouldn't go any smaller than sz 10 but it's really up to you!

Washcloths: I use sz 7 or 8 (possibly a little smaller) needles. Keep in mind that when the cotton gets wet it tends to stretch apart a bit. For baby sized washclothes I use any cotton yarn that catches my eye. I work the pattern until the cloth is 25 stitches wide and then start to decrease. For adult cloths I work it until it's 40 stitches wide or so.

Shawl: I work the shawl until it's my desired width across and then bind off. Use whatever size needles you prefer as well as yarn. What did I use.....Homespun! LOL

Things are going well with the HP scarf. I've been working on it since last Friday (the 7th) and am almost done. It's for my son Davey, he put dibbs on it! So since he's such a small fry it's not nearly as long as it would be for an adult. It actually goes pretty fast for me. I like switching colors, keeps it fresh. My Mom, who came up with Liz (she is visiting from Miami) told me she's gonna make some HP robes for the kids. So they'll be set! Now, just need to get them some wands.....I keep telling them my bamboo needles are not wands.....do they care? NO! LOL

Happy Knitting Folks!

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