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52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In The Round, An Update

It's a beautiful day out today. Makes me wanna find a nice quiet place outside somewhere and knit. Can't do it though! The kids like a "hands on" Mom at the park! I'll just have to settle with being happy that I can open up the windows and get some lovely fresh air going through here!

So here's a knitting update.....After 3 days, I have almost 5 stripes done on my Harry Potter SS scarf. It's very fun knitting in the round. I have 6 blocks done for Dave's blanket. However, I'm not happy with 4 of them! and it goes rather slow but I WILL get it done! I haven't started on the dragonfly baby blanket yet. I haven't found the right yarn yet. I recast my Big Waves wool/cashmere yarn last night. I had started making a scarf but it was too wide so I made it a little smaller and am liking the new size very much.....but will I get to wear it? Soon it will be too nice to wear a warm and lovely wool scarf. Or we'll have snow next week, who knows!

Lesa has made me some LOVELY knitting accessories.....a large needle roll, a small needle roll (for my dpn's), and a tote bag! I can't wait to get my mitts on them! It will be so much fun filling them up! I'm also going to buy some stuff from Jen. She has some super cute stuff on her site! Okay that's about it for this morning. I'm waiting for Dave to bring me the new Knit Simple from Barnes & Noble and then later it's off to work! Happy Knitting!

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MollyKnits said...

Boy, that knitting bug really stung the crap out of you! I am impressed with how fast you are doing that HP scarf!

I am also very pleased that you like what I have made for you. It was fun.

Happy knitting!