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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sock It To Me!

Hey there people! So much going on, so little time! Nah, not really but it sounds good! Actually I am a little busy with my knitting and reading. Sometimes it's hard to choose! Wish I could knit and read! Work on my Harry Potter scarf has slowed down a little because I was working on learning how to use my DPNs, see "I rock....a Tale of DPNs". I have now mastered them or at least I can use them pretty well after about a week! I've started work on my very first sock. That's right, I am making a sock! I don't understand why people say things like "I'm afraid to use DPNs" or "I'm afraid to try making socks". What will happen, they don't do it right, they have to frog it? Big whoop. Practice makes perfect people! And believe me, I had to cast on this sock 3 times before I got it going. Ribbing isn't my strong suit just yet! But hey, I can now cast onto DPNs no problem. So lighten up people, needles don't bite, poke yes but that's another topic!

Lesa and I had a great day out this past Saturday! I went to her house to give her a massage and after she helped me start my sock. Then we picked up and headed out to South Bend to do some browsing and drooling of that new book "Big Girl Knits". We had a blast. I have fallen in LOVE with almost all the patterns in that book. I told Lesa it would be so great if there were a group where people could post pics of there finished projects, talk about substituting yarns, ect. Lesa has created that group and she and I are opperating it together! Yay Lesa! You can join by clicking the button on the side of this page somewhere.

I am gonna order my copy of the book this weekend and will then have to decide what yarn I would like to use to make a combo of the 2 long sweater coats in the book. I don't know both names, one of them is called the Natalie Coat. It's wonderful! In the book it is made with Tahki Donegal Tweed Homespun, from what I've found that would be roughly $131 to make using that yarn! So I have been looking around for something to substitute with. So far I have found 2 nice yarns on
KnitPicks. My first choice is Andean
, it's a wonderful blend of super fine alpaca, silk, and merino wool. It's $3.29 a ball. It would bring my yarn costs to a total of roughly $78. Then there is Wool of the Andes, it's 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. It costs $1.79 a ball and would bring my total yarn costs to roughly $42!!!! So I don't know what I'm gonna use yet. God knows I love alpaca! Okay, that's it for now folks! Happy knitting!


MollyKnits said...

Smell the alpaca! :D

Whatever you choose, that is going to be a wonderful coat!

jen said...

don't fret the casting on and recasting on of the sock. just ask lesa about me trying to start a sock once for over 3 hrs. and how many times i would start knitting it with the tail. nice. and this wasn't that long ago mind you!

erin/pinkerbell said...

YAY! another sock knitter...and harry potter lover... i love it.