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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On my mind...


I want to go to Greece! I'm teaching myself to read, write, and speak Greek! You could say it's a love afair! And I'm jealous, just green with it, my friend Anna just left for a 5 week visit. Of course, she grew up there so she goes EVERY year to visit home and hop from island to island. I've decided that I. Am. Going. Sometime within these next 5 years.

And when I go, I want to GO! I want to see EVERYTHING!!! And so...that is just what I'ma gonna do! This picture was taken just off of the island of Milos. Isn't it beautiful?!


J.Coolen said...

You share the same love as mine! And I'm going on the 15th for a month!!

SalemRose said...

Wow, I hope you have an amazing time!!! *jealous* ;o)

Anonymous said...

In case you wonder...My name is Maria and I am Greek. I accidently found your site...You are going to love Greece. I think that somebody propably needs a lifetime to visit everything worth-visiting. However being here I recommend...
a)The round of Peloponisos, which contains among beautiful beaches, ancient Delfus, Olympia, Epidaurus e.t.c.
b) The beach Simos in Elafonisos
c) Crete

d) Leukada
well I don't know...there are so many places...Perhaps you should visit us for a few years.
Last autumn I went for my honey-moon to CUBA, for ten days, I think I need a lifetime to see everything over there too...I wish we were forever, just to travel around the world!!!!!!!

SalemRose said...

I agree Maria! Wouldn't that just be a dream to pick up and move to wherever your heart desired?! Thanks for the travel advise!