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52 Books in 52 Weeks!!!

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Book 7: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - H.P. Mallory / Week 4

Monday, August 06, 2007

Marriage Counseling, Harry Potter, and the Lottery

Well that sums up the last week of my life rather well! Dave and I have just had our first session of counseling. I get 6 free sessions through my work. Not gonna go into detail here but let me just say being honest HELPS! I don't know what will happen with us but I think this is a step in the right direction......

I have read and LOVED HP & The Deathly Hallows! I really liked how things were wrapped up. I do have a question or two to discuss with Lesa! I'm going with a friend from work to see HP 5 at the movies tomorrow morning! I'm so excited! I'm sure you've all seen it already but well.....whatever! ;)~

Would you believe we won the lottery!!! Yep! We won $4 last Wednesday and $100 this past Saturday! Woohoo! One more number and we would have won $10,000! That would have been wonderful. But hey, I'll take $100!

Still no knitting. Sorry folks. Too busy to sit down and knit! I'm gonna be going through all my stuff here soon and I'll get something going after we move. Yep, we're moving again! I found a small 2 bedroom apartment/duplex/whatever, here in Chesterton. It's got a front and back yard. We get to keep our dog, Sarah.

That's it for now people. Take care! Happy knitting!


MollyKnits said...

Hope all goes well for you.

Swing Hammocks said...

Good luck with the counselling it can help having some listen and be truthful, HP book is great.